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Cultivate harmony in all aspects of your life with yoga. Explore your inner self. As a result, build the strength, courage and confidence to face life head-on

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We are a Multi-Award Winning Yoga Studio

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The benefits of regular practice

Overcome difficulties

Practising yoga poses creates new pathways in the body – practising meditation creates new pathways in the mind – together these will enable you to build the strength, courage and confidence to face life head on.

Become more adaptable

Poses and breathing techniques can aid you in becoming more adaptable and flexible, shifting your perspective to view things differently – what seemed to be a solid wall can suddenly become a door of opportunity.

Achieve your optimum physicality

When the body is functioning at its optimum best it will find its optimum physicality. Yoga can help you achieve this. The practice of yoga increases mindfulness and vitality.

Bring more love into your life

Yoga is the art of self-refinement. The more love, compassion, self-acceptance and fulfilment you can give to yourself, the more those qualities will overflow into your life.

What is yoga and what does it mean to us?

In this video we explore what yoga means to us and why it has become our way of life. Whatever life brings, yoga encourages us to explore with curiosity and compassion.


The Embodiment of Shiva Shakti

Embark on a journey with us through The Embodiment of Shiva Shakti. This new journey will give you a better understanding of how to balance energies and the importance of sacred union, both within and without, of Shiva & Shakti.

clock 6hrs

What our students say

“Same Star Yoga is an intimate, friendly and open-hearted studio run by two amazing yogis! I always enjoy my sessions at Same Star; they are varied, thoughtfully planned and delivered in a beautiful setting. If you haven’t been to Same Star yet then you are missing out so get booking!”

Sarah Keys – Same Star Yogi

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