pilgrimage home

Pilgrimage Home Yoga Journeys

With the world as it currently stands and travel being limited, there has never been a better time to take ‘A Pilgrimage Home’, a journey to a remote part of the Self.

A Pilgrimage Home is a collection of short journeys that are passageways for investigating the Self. They provide opportunities to develop a greater understanding of our inner workings via the many tools of yoga, to find a home in the physical body that we inhabit for a short time and to face the truth in every moment no matter how hard that truth may be, trusting in the ever-changing, unfolding journey of life.

A Pilgrimage generally is a calling for us to leave our crazy modern-day lifestyles for a time, to venture to far-flung destinations in order to escape, that might be to escape the winter darkness, the mundane and the ordinary or simply trying to escape from ones own ‘life’.  Being an avid traveller I’ve come to realise some of my greatest transformations haven’t come from travelling halfway around the world, they’ve come through the act of stillness and turning inward.

Each journey consists of three,  two hour classes costing £66.