We are 2 yoginis on a quest to make
you feel good, body mind and soul

Spreading more light into the bodies and minds of our kula through yoga

We are Same Star Yoga and our aim is to build a long term community (kula) focussed around healthy wellbeing and mindfulness.  It is our wish for everyone to experience a welcoming, highly professional service from first contact and throughout their interactions with us. We believe in delivering excellence with kindness and compassion, encouraging our students to improve their holistic health and supporting them as they explore the many practices yoga has to offer. 

We demonstrate our commitment to the fundamental principles of yoga throughout our business by treating each other, our kula and the wider community with respect, seeking to understand the ways we can co-create a culture of interdependence where everyone’s unique contribution is welcome and equally valued. 

We aim at all times, to be positive, courteous, discreet and trustworthy, to arrive and finish on time, be 100% present and be a support in anyway that we can during the time our students are with us.  Join us and experience our fun-filled community based environment in which you can practise yoga without judgement. We believe we can help to point you in the direction of truth (satya), the truth of who you really are, vibrantly alive peace, body, mind and soul.  Whether you are a seasoned yogi or complete beginner we have classes that are designed to meet you where you are. 

Our Teachers

Two yoginis on a quest to make you feel good

As yoga teachers, we share with you the tools of yoga – asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation & contemplation to excavate through the imprints (samskaras) that have manifested in the physical, mental and emotional body, to awaken you from old conditioning and patterns of repetitive thinking and doing, that may be preventing you from moving through life in a positive & healthy way.

Our Yoga Studio

A  safe, warm open hearted space

Same Star Yoga studio is located in the beautiful village of East Bergholt right in the heart of the Constable countryside. It is a safe, warm open hearted space for our kula to experience how yoga is not only used to enhance our physical well being but also gives us various tools to help us navigate life itself.

If you would like to catch up on our journey over the past year and the creation of our studio in East Bergholt, head over to the build page here.

Our Name

Same Star Yoga

Faye’s fascination with the stars lead her to the discovery that a high percentage of stars are binary (two stars shining as one) a notion reflecting the desire and intention to share and spread more light into the bodies and minds of the Same Star Yoga community, to bring about a recognition of Soul Self & Oneness & to shine light on the ultimate reality that we are all part of the same.

This concept is reflected in the Same Star Yoga logo, the star being divinity/source and the little stars being our individual selves, still part of the whole but here for a transient moment to share our unique qualities in the dance that we call life.

What our students say

Janet Oliver
You asked for feedback on my experience at Same Star Yoga, so here goes: The location - Really convenient!  I'm delighted the studio is so close to my home. Design and interior 'decor' -  A beautiful, calm and relaxing space. Perfect for practising Yoga. Teachers - All the classes I've attended have been expertly led.  The teachers are very attentive to students' needs & requirements. Prices - Very reasonable.  I like the idea of the multi-class passes, which are very handy for those of us who want to try out different sessions.
Janet Oliver
Same Star Yogi
Toni Meddings
I absolutely love my Hatha yoga, Samantha is a really special teacher! I have no dislikes but I love the smell as you enter, I love the gentle studio, the music, the Olive tree as you enter! I’m learning so much…. I’m so pleased I found you!!
Alison Goddard
Same Star Yogi
Cristina Lorenetti
I can't recommend this studio and the teachers Faye and Samantha at Same Star yoga enough. I am now doing my Yoga Teacher Training with them which I feel shows how highly I regard their level of tuition.
Alison Goddard
Same Star Yogi

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