Meet Our Yoga Teacher Graduates

beginner flow yoga

Holly Aldred

I thought I was drawn to find Yoga through the avenue of looking for improved strength and flexibility. And that in some part is true, but what kept me coming back was the intrigue and in awe of how Yoga both challenged and comforted me. Yoga is physicality with beautiful thought provoking subtilise. Shining light onto options for navigating life that are thousands of years old and yet seem just so relevant and vital today, plus of course you get an awesome stretch.

When the opportunity to teach was placed in my path, I simply had to. A deep yearning to share what I am continuing to learn and experience has bought me to ‘Honour Yoga’.

I hope to offer everyone the opportunity to honour yourself with less critique, clear the path to deep rooted intuition, indulge in feeling content and perhaps through the study of yourself feeling more prepared to be present in the world and embrace all of its ebbs and flows. (I can recommend a Warrior Pose in the supermarket is always appropriate)

I’m not sure we honour ourselves enough in this modern world and I hope through ‘Honour Yoga’ you feel welcome, safe and deeply cherished.

Now a Same Star Teacher, join Holly for her weekly Beginner Flow Yoga Classes on Wednesdays.

louise gilbert

Louise Gilbert

Louise took her first yoga class in 2013 & instantly felt something light up inside of her, however it was only after Louise fell pregnant five years ago that she knew there was more to this journey that she wanted to explore. Louise trained with CAM Yoga in 2019 to gain her Yoga Foundation qualification & then went on to train with Same Star Yoga in 2020. She has since loved every aspect of teaching yoga and meditation.

Louise is very passionate about sharing the physical & emotional benefits of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness with children, as well as adults, and creating the space for children to be able to express themselves and connect to one another in a safe and joyful environment.

Now a Same Star teacher, Louise teaches our Little Yogi sessions.

joanne metson

Joanne Metson

Joanne is a Yoga Teacher, qualified in 3 different styles; Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin.

Before her introduction to Yoga, Joanne’s interest in natural health and wellbeing led her towards the study of various Holistic Therapies.  The healing potential of reflexology, aromatherapy and massage was evident in the Clients she treated, however Joanne recognised the need for many of her Clients to also improve their physical health through exercise. Having practiced Pilates herself since her early 20’s, and knowing the benefits of this mindful form of exercise, Joanne trained to be a Pilates Instructor in 2007.

9 years later, feeling overwhelmed with work and a busy home life, Joanne discovered Yoga, just at the right time.  Yoga aligned perfectly with her passion for a holistic approach to health and became an essential part of her daily routine, bringing peace and clarity to everyday life.

Joanne went on a Yoga retreat in Ibiza in 2017 and obtained certificates from the British Wheel of Yoga in Foundation Course 1 & 2 in 2019 & 2020.  It felt like a natural progression to train to become a teacher and to share the beautiful practice with others.  So, Joanne embarked on a multi-disciplined Teacher Training course in 2020 with Same Star Yoga in Dedham.

Now a Same Star Teacher, join Joanne for her weekly Vinyasa Yoga Classes on Tuesdays.

Mousumi Pain

Mousumi has been practicing yoga since childhood with her father. However, 11 years ago, with the inspiration of 2 teachers, Suganya and Rajiv Biswas, her perspective on yoga changed. Until beginning of last year, she practiced with various teachers, and she became a regular student of Astanga, taught by Teresa Kennard. Gradually a hobby transformed into yearning to gain knowledge about the impact of each poses to the mind and body and of the root of this magical exercise that changes our thinking and way of life.

Mousumi embarked on a 10 month teacher training journey with Faye and Samantha at the Same Star Yoga School. Under the guidance of Faye, she has enriched her vinyasa practice further. She has developed a new interest in Yin yoga taught by Samantha. She feels blessed to be an intermediary to spread these deep-rooted knowledges gained and promote peaceful way of living in the community.

Mousumi explores vinyasa, hatha and Yin-Yang yoga style on spiritual foundation, choreographed with mythological stories. Her yoga styles are blended with Pranayamas, meditations and chanting of shlokas, ensuring participation of anyone with or without experience in yoga.

Now a Same Star teacher, join Mousumi for her monthly workshops.

Katie Lancaster Puls

Katie is passionate about young people having spent 17 years dedicating her career to education and schools, and being mummy to two small children herself. Katie has spent time teaching in Japan and has a keen interest in stories and storytelling, cultivated through her degree in creative writing and her current post as a Librarian and Literacy Coordinator at a local high school.

Katie believes in the power of yoga to connect us back to ourselves, and is passionate about our responsibility as adults to guide young people towards that awareness. Kindness, creativity and play are at the heart of Katie’s practice, and these are key elements that she is known to instil through each and every class she teaches.

Now a Same Star teacher, Katie teaches our Little Yogi sessions.