What our students say

"Whatever the class, whomever the teacher, three words to describe Same Star Yoga are heart, soul and oneness. Open your heart, speak to your soul and become one with all you are through the Yoga classes and workshops offered by Faye and Sam at Same Star Yoga."

Nicole Codling Same Star Yogi, 5* review

"The studio is overflowing with warmth and love which completely reflects Samantha and Faye’s approach to all of their class and workshop offerings - of which there are many. Simply beautiful."

Gabrielle Zeter Same Star Yogi, 5* review

"I was nervous to get back into yoga after a long time away but the beginners classes and slow flow have been just what I needed. Proof that you can start at any ability, all the teachers are beyond amazing. Can’t recommend more highly!"

Katie Louise Same Star Yogi, 5* review

"Same Star Yoga is an intimate, friendly and open-hearted studio run by two amazing yogis! I always enjoy my sessions at Same Star; they are varied, thoughtfully planned and delivered in a beautiful setting. If you haven’t been to Same Star yet then you are missing out so get booking!"

Sarah Keys Same Star Yogi, 5* review

"Thoroughly professional but incredibly caring! I can thoroughly recommend Same Star Yoga and meditation!!! Give yourself a great gift of self care and sign up."

Gina Gardiner Same Star Yogi, 5* review

"Beautiful energy in the studio and truly amazing teachers."

Kerry McCarthy Same Star Yogi, 5* review

"Same Star Yoga is a beautiful place to practice and be yourself in, you get thoroughly looked after as soon as you enter the studio. All abilities welcome there I highly recommend joining a class or two there."

Jenny Wren Same Star Yogi, 5* review

"This is a lovely intimate studio with a real variety of approachable fun teachers. I always feel looked after when I practice here. Thank you Everyone."

Mel Howard Same Star Yogi, 5* review

"Beautiful space to practice in with AMAZING teachers."

Sophia Alcock Howard Same Star Yogi, 5* review

"Thank you for all your hard work creating a wonderful local yoga community"

Same Star Yogi, Anonymous review

"It is a sacred space for healing and learning, reflecting and to focus. Classes in good setting and atmosphere is achieved. Yogis have appreciation for all things that make us unique or how to correct postures, with what seems to be a naturally in-tune way of instructing us on a safe and individual level. Having trust that they know what they're really doing is a basis to build my confidence."

Same Star Yogi, Anonymous review

"Samantha is a kind patient teacher who welcomes you."

Same Star Yogi, Anonymous review

"Its a very welcoming space, it's easily accessible and has a lovely feel. I feel held and safe to be myself in the space. I love the variety of classes and particularly value learning yoga as a 'whole'...the philosophy, pranayama, meditation, chanting etc, as well as the asana practice. I also value the commitment and kindness of the teachers. Just to say thank you for all being you. I love Same Star Yoga and will continue to support in any way I can."

Same Star Yogi, Anonymous review

"Lovely dedicated well equipped calm ... bliss. I had never experienced restorative yoga before: incredible!"

Same Star Yogi, Anonymous review

"Bright and airy, and yet warm and cosy. Beautiful space. The feeling that you care about us as individuals makes all the difference."

Same Star Yogi, Anonymous review

"The space has a calm, lovely vibe and it's fantastic that it is dedicated to yoga. I really appreciate the invitations offered by Samantha to stretch my boundaries and my practice is developing."

Same Star Yogi, Anonymous review

"I love that it is a safe, supportive environment with excellent teaching. The space is always set out beautifully and it feels very relaxing. I like the fact there are plenty of props available to use to help with poses. The classes are extremely well planned and it is clear that much thought goes into each session. I love that individual growth is encouraged and different abilities are supported."

Same Star Yogi, Anonymous review

"I love the space that you have created. It's brilliant to have access to the bolsters, blankets and blocks. The space always feels clean and inviting. Please keep the space minimalist. It's a nice haven away from the frantic outside world! All of the teachers create a really supportive environment where you feel confident to try new things or rest if your practise isn't quite at that level yet. I like to feel challenged physically and see progression week-to-week. I always enjoy the relaxation at the end of the class."

Same Star Yogi, Anonymous review

"I love the location and the feel. The teachers are so knowledgeable and they all have very different styles. I love the classes at Same Star and have recommended you to everyone I know."

Same Star Yogi, Anonymous review

"Very welcoming space. Relaxed and comfortable."

Same Star Yogi, Anonymous review