Teaching Yoga is an Exploration of the Self

We’ve just had a fantastic couple of days teaching yoga. Trainees on our Yoga Teacher Training have now been studying with us for 6 months, having completed Module 1 ‘Connection to Source’ and Module 2 ‘Exploration of the Self’, this weekend we stepped in to Module 3 ‘Awakening the Heart of the Teacher’ where trainees began to move deeper into their teaching practice.  Such a joy to see the difference in confidence from weekend 1 in March to now.

Teaching yoga is a journey of Exploration of the Self, the willingness to be vulnerable enough to expose yourself for who you really are and for what you will become. The most important thing for us as teachers of this training is discovering uniqueness for every individual so that they feel ready for their New Beginnings as a teacher

With so many yoga teacher training programs out there, we wanted to make sure that our teachers stand out from the rest. We help students to listen, adhere to and teach from their own soul’s whispers and their own individual strengths.  In our training we take students through a programme to find out their own very unique strengths so that they don’t just become a walking imprint of their teachers but a satya teacher, a teacher working from the basis of their own truths and what lights them up as an individual. Throughout our program students receive insights that not only help to mould them as a unique authentic teacher but will also impact the rest of their life.  

When you come to understand your unique set of talents you are better able to understand who you are as a yoga teacher, how to market yourself and who is your target audience.  

Teaching yoga is planting  seeds

To teach yoga  is to plant seeds in the hearts of others and watch as your students take flight.  It’s honouring the fact that you have been touched by something so deeply, so beautiful that you know it’s your dharma to share it.  It’s the willingness to open up and bare your soul to your teachers, who will gently weave a tapestry of knowledge that will morph into something solely for you to teach, something bigger and more incredible than you could ever have imagined.

If Yoga Teacher Training is something that is calling you, why not listen to your soul’s whispers and send us an email for our prospectus. info@samestaryoga.com.  Our next intake beginning October 2020 has just 2 places left and we hope to reveal the dates of our 2021 intake shortly.  Keep your eyes open, there are some exciting new changes coming up.


ॐ बोलो श्री सत गुरु भगवान की जै

Om Bolo Shri Sat Guru Bhagavan Ki Jai

(I honour all of my guru’s & teachers but I am mostly grateful for and I honour the victory of the true guru that resides within me being revealed)


Faye & Samantha

A space for you to be whatever you are feeling

Many of my students know the thoughts I have on the phrase “Love & Light”. It feels so very sadly unreal to me. I suppose the reason it’s used so much is because “Honour the Darkness” probably doesn’t sell quite so well on a yogi’s Instagram page.

But let’s face it, Life is not all love & light. Yes there has (for some people) been moments of illumination over the last 6 months but mostly there’s been a lot of grief, pain, separation, fear & loss, it has been and continues to be a very painful & difficult time for many people.

Join us on an Odyssey of Sight & Sound

From time immemorial the teaching of yoga has been an oral tradition. The name of an early collection of yoga teachings, The Upanishads, literally translates as ‘sitting near devotedly” conjuring up images of students sitting at their teacher’s side listening intently to their teacher’s words. The sound and sights of yoga, such as chanting the mantra Om and forming mudras (hand gestures) to express our intentions are intrinsically linked with how we experience and integrate our practice.

Why do we chant Om?

Why we Om. It would be difficult to uncover the full wisdom of this mantra in a lifetime let alone a few words here, but I hope at least to shine a little bit of light on to it so that hopefully it can be a more meaningful part of your practice.