The Benefits of Restorative Yoga

I know that it is hard to slow down sometimes, there feels like there is less and less time to rest. We take our bodies for granted and don’t nurture them like we are supposed to. This is why we have reintroduced Restorative Yoga into our class timetable. This practice has so many benefits from promoting deep relaxation to regulating the nervous system, Restorative Yoga will give us the space and time to reboot. 

The Importance of a Good Yoga Mat

Let’s talk about the importance of a good yoga mat. Even though we use them everyday in our yoga classes, I have always taken the features of a good yoga mat for granted – until now.

Keeping You Safe

As a yoga studio, keeping our community safe is the most important thing to us. We have made lots of changes to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the class is unbeatable.

Be Kind to Yourself

It is important to be kind to yourself, because until we are kind to ourselves we can’t expect the world to be a kind place to be in.

Bring The Wonders of Ganesha Into Your Life

Many of us are familiar with the very cute looking elephant headed deity, but do you really understand what he, Ganesha, is all about? Have you considered reasons why it might feel relevant to have a murti (a statue) or a picture of him in your home? 

4 Ways Yoga Can Help Ease Back Pain

The question of whether yoga can help ease back pain is a difficult one to answer. Having had many students pass through our doors with back-related conditions, we recognise that not only are we dealing with multiple types of injuries on a physical level (from disc problems, spinal fusions and nerve impingements to broken backs and chronic pain), there is also the fact that some physical conditions may arise as a result of the amount of mental stress that one is under or the fact that certain emotions haven’t been able to be expressed freely and easily. 

Teaching Yoga is an Exploration of the Self

We’ve just had a fantastic couple of days teaching yoga. Trainees on our Yoga Teacher Training have now been studying with us for 6 months, having completed Module 1 ‘Connection to Source’ and Module 2 ‘Exploration of the Self’, this weekend we stepped in to Module 3 ‘Awakening the Heart of the Teacher’ where trainees began to move deeper into their teaching practice.  Such a joy to see the difference in confidence from weekend 1 in March to now.

A space for you to be whatever you are feeling

Many of my students know the thoughts I have on the phrase “Love & Light”. It feels so very sadly unreal to me. I suppose the reason it’s used so much is because “Honour the Darkness” probably doesn’t sell quite so well on a yogi’s Instagram page.

But let’s face it, Life is not all love & light. Yes there has (for some people) been moments of illumination over the last 6 months but mostly there’s been a lot of grief, pain, separation, fear & loss, it has been and continues to be a very painful & difficult time for many people.

Join us on an Odyssey of Sight & Sound

From time immemorial the teaching of yoga has been an oral tradition. The name of an early collection of yoga teachings, The Upanishads, literally translates as ‘sitting near devotedly” conjuring up images of students sitting at their teacher’s side listening intently to their teacher’s words. The sound and sights of yoga, such as chanting the mantra Om and forming mudras (hand gestures) to express our intentions are intrinsically linked with how we experience and integrate our practice.

Why do we chant Om?

Why we Om. It would be difficult to uncover the full wisdom of this mantra in a lifetime let alone a few words here, but I hope at least to shine a little bit of light on to it so that hopefully it can be a more meaningful part of your practice.