What are Mudras?

Mudras are hand gestures, energy locks used in yoga to influence the flow of Prana, lifeforce. Mudras can be used to balance the energies within us. In life our hands connect us to the outer world, not only do they enable us to reach out, touch, heal, express play, work, cultivate, hold & share.

Change – transition – resilience – adaptability

We are witnessing a global call to learn new ways of interacting, working and living together, adapting our perspectives and behaviours for the good of the wider community. It is a call to set aside our old patterns for new collective ones.

Collective change and transition to a new future

We have been very quiet throughout lockdown. Instead of trying to convey that we have all the answers to the fear and uncertainty of these times, we have taken our own advice of silence, to breathe, to press the pause button, to listen to our intuition, our souls whispers & to trust in the ‘no answers yet’ & that we will know when the time is right to press the reset button. We feel that time is rapidly approaching.