What does Same Star Yoga mean to you?

When we had our closing ceremony at Same Star Yoga in Dedham we asked our students to put a word in a jar about their experience with us.

Moving Home

We have only a couple of weeks left in the Same Star Yoga Dedham studio before we will be moving home to East Bergholt.

New Beginnings with a New Studio

We are embarking on new beginnings with a brand new yoga studio in East Bergholt and can’t wait to share this space with you all.

What’s coming your way at Same Star Yoga?

Despite still being in lockdown we have been working hard to still bring you new and exciting things. Keep your eyes peeled on our new timetable full of things that are coming your way.

We Are a Multi-Award Winning Yoga Studio!

There are always silver linings. Lockdown measures prompted us to invest in improvements for our online live-streamed yoga classes which has resulted in the studio winning an industry award.

Keeping You Safe

As a yoga studio, keeping our community safe is the most important thing to us. We have made lots of changes to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the class is unbeatable.

Join us on an Odyssey of Sight & Sound

From time immemorial the teaching of yoga has been an oral tradition. The name of an early collection of yoga teachings, The Upanishads, literally translates as ‘sitting near devotedly” conjuring up images of students sitting at their teacher’s side listening intently to their teacher’s words. The sound and sights of yoga, such as chanting the mantra Om and forming mudras (hand gestures) to express our intentions are intrinsically linked with how we experience and integrate our practice.

Re-imagining and Evolving Same Star Yoga

We are witnessing a global call to learn new ways of interacting, working and living together, adapting our perspectives and behaviours for the good of the wider community. It is a call to set aside our old patterns for new collective ones.

Collective change and transition to a new future

We have been very quiet throughout lockdown. Instead of trying to convey that we have all the answers to the fear and uncertainty of these times, we have taken our own advice of silence, to breathe, to press the pause button, to listen to our intuition, our souls whispers & to trust in the ‘no answers yet’ & that we will know when the time is right to press the reset button. We feel that time is rapidly approaching.