Same Star Yoga – I Care Strategy




How can we help our kula?

Through these turbulent times where families are experiencing difficulty, businesses are suffering and the health service continues to be under a huge strain we wondered if and how we could be of service throughout this collective strain.

As most of you know we have created karma yoga videos of mini practices which you can find on our On Demand page & YouTube channel, and we hope that you are able to make use of those.  

We have also put together the Same Star Yoga ~ I Care strategy.  If you are someone who cares about their well-being then this may be of good use to you.  If not immediately, then at some point in your life.  

All is valid & worthy

We all face adversity and difficult emotions through-out life.  For years we felt we had to deny our deeper inner feelings in order to succeed, fit in, find enlightenment.  Throughout our journeys we’ve been given practices such as an energetic egg or bubble & other practices with the aim of removing myself or eradicating thoughts & feelings and it’s only through the depths of personal exploration that we have come to the understanding that all emotions, thoughts and feelings are valid and worthy of being seen, heard & expressed & that denial of any sort could be seen as spiritually by-passing life itself and creating a resistance to life instead of flowing with it.  When we trust in the ever changing Shakti we become witness to how much quicker difficult emotions and feelings transmute into something else.

This beautiful quote by S. Ajna. here explains it all.


What’s worked for us

Why therefore would we ever think that suppressing or numbing anything we feel would be an answer to life? 

So over time we have found one of the best tools for healing was to journal, as all the time we are in our head with these emotions/feelings they continue to churn around causing discomfort.  

We’re not saying that we’re enlightened by these strategies.  We feel that enlightenment is something to be found in every moment through Self Awareness.  So we hope that these 5 journaling steps may assist you in any moment where you feel you may need a path to follow.  

Our offering to you – I Care

We offer this 5-10 minute journaling exercise with questions we have put together to be worked through when feeling particularly overwhelmed by certain feelings/emotions.  

So that it is easy for you to remember, the 5 pointed star spells ‘I Care’, a reminder that the reason I take 5-10 minutes to journal when experiencing difficulty is because ‘I care’ about my well-being.  

These 5 letters translate as:

I – Identify 

C – Consider 

A – Aim 

R – Recognise 

E – Express 


1. Identify – What is the core emotion/feeling in present time?

2. Consider – Considering my life in present time does this emotion/feeling have a right to express itself?

3. Aim – What is this the reason, motive or aim of this emotion/feeling and what is it trying to tell me, warn me, show me, get me to do?

4. Recognise – Can I recognise that this emotion/feeling is separate from me.  For example “anxiety is arising in me” rather than “I am anxious” what happens when I begin to acknowledge that?

5. Express – Can I let this emotion/feeling have its rightful opportunity to express itself as I equally allow joy, happiness, excitement, contentment etc & what can I do to support myself that feels nourishing or in support of this particular feeling/emotion’s calling?


Get in touch

If you find this practice useful we would love to hear from you.  Also maybe somebody in your life could benefit from this, please feel free to pass it on to your loved ones.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your incredible support to us through Shakti’s chaotic dance. We hope she will be a little kinder to us in the coming year and that we all begin to blossom from being thrown into the 2020 mud.  

ॐ बोलो श्री सत गुरु भगवान की जै

Om Bolo Shri Sat Guru Bhagavan Ki Jai 

Honouring our teachers but remembering the closest access point we have to divinity and guidance is within our own hearts.  


Faye & Samantha

What does Graduation mean?

What does Graduation mean?

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Pay it Forward

P a y  i t  F o r w a r d
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What is Diwali?

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Beginners Guide to Yoga

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The Four Gates of Speech

Yin yoga uses supported, long, passive holds to work on the deep, dense connective tissues of the body – the fascia, tendons, ligaments and cartilage – which are difficult to energize and open. Using this combination of support, low stress and long holds allows the connective tissue time to transform at a cellular level.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga uses supported, long, passive holds to work on the deep, dense connective tissues of the body – the fascia, tendons, ligaments and cartilage – which are difficult to energize and open. Using this combination of support, low stress and long holds allows the connective tissue time to transform at a cellular level.

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