4 Ways Yoga Can Help Ease Back Pain

The question of whether yoga can help ease back pain is a difficult one to answer. Having had many students pass through our doors with back-related conditions, we recognise that not only are we dealing with multiple types of injuries on a physical level (from disc problems, spinal fusions and nerve impingements to broken backs and chronic pain), there is also the fact that some physical conditions may arise as a result of the amount of mental stress that one is under or the fact that certain emotions haven’t been able to be expressed freely and easily. 

What are Mudras?

Mudras are hand gestures, energy locks used in yoga to influence the flow of Prana, lifeforce. Mudras can be used to balance the energies within us. In life our hands connect us to the outer world, not only do they enable us to reach out, touch, heal, express play, work, cultivate, hold & share.

Why do we chant Om?

Why we Om. It would be difficult to uncover the full wisdom of this mantra in a lifetime let alone a few words here, but I hope at least to shine a little bit of light on to it so that hopefully it can be a more meaningful part of your practice.