Prompt 2 – Write about a Dream you have and wish to fulfil

Each day one of the Same Star Yoga team will be sharing their journalling on the prompt given. This prompt to journal about a dream you have & wish to fulfil inspired a poem from Serina Leach.


A dormant body
Asleep yet awake
I manifest new life
Within a dream-state

For my heart to be full
and my mind to be sure
that the steps that I take
Are abundant and pure
For my body to still
And my thoughts to not race
For my healing to cease
And my heart un-encase
For my hands to be held
Out of choice and not fear
For my eyes to be wide
Unclouded and clear

For my body to ride waves
it’s energy unseen
Within shallows and depth
Of an awakening dream

Serina Leach ⭐️

Same Star Yoga
250hr Yoga Teacher Trainee
Always the first to support and elevate anyone she is connected with.
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Journal about your dream and in the future you can look back to see how much you have achieved.

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