Journal Prompt 1 – Journal about a relationship you have or had that fills you with joy

Each day one of the Same Star Yoga team will be sharing their journalling on the prompt given. Today’s is from Tara Perlaki.


My relationship to animals is one that fills me with deep joy, especially the relationship I’ve with my cats.

Even as I type this, a warm smile emerges from my heart. The joyful glow when I think about Judy, our current little girl, quite literally makes my heart sing.

It’s strange when you think about it, because cats do life totally on their own terms. They may love unconditionally, but they’re certainly conditional with how and when they give their attention and affection. It’s something I’ve now come to admire, you always know where you stand.

My cat is 100% part of my family. I miss her when I’m away, can’t wait to get back home, even if Judy ignores me till she deems me suitably punished for going away. (Every cat owner will know this one!).

People often tell me they grieved for their pets more than they did when they lost a human loved one.

I think this is because our relationships with our furry friends tend to be much simpler, with us free to be ourselves and not worry what other people might think. For example, I cry freely when I’m sad, singing or dancing when I’m happy. Often, she’ll respond with a head bop, or nose kisses. They really are the cutest!

Hanging out with my girl is pure soul food, despite much of the relationship being on her terms (catitude at its finest). It’s without a doubt one of the most joyful relationships in my life.

Tara Perlaki ⭐️

2021 SSYTT 200hr graduate
Teaches Beginner Yin
Mondays 7.45-8.45pm
Thursdays 9.45-10.45am
Dear Soul – Passionate about providing tools to help women tackle cycles of life.

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