Sitting outsidePrompt 3 – Sitting outside – what do you notice ?

Each day one of the Same Star Yoga team will be sharing their journalling on the prompt given. Today’s is from Gabrielle Zeter.


Sitting outside – what do you notice?

Nature was never really my bag until…

… I read Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell. She refers to the seasons and how spring and summer could not have happened without the darkness of winter – which provides rest. What an AHA moment for me. Which has percolated for a long time.

… my first yoga teacher, reiki master and now beloved friend @ taught me the benefits of grounding and connecting to the earth.

… I started listening to my own body and heart and felt for myself how different I feel after a long walk in nature, a paddle in the sea. My tightness in my chest eases.

I started to slow down and notice…

Of the flower that grow through the tiniest cracks in the pavement. Against all the other odds! What a journey she’s been on!Of the ferns that unfurl so systematically to grow taller than me just round the corner from my house.Of tight buds in the bushes of Sutton Heath in spring. I know they will bloom shortly. But do they?Of the tides of the river in Woodbridge. That will dictate the route of the walk…Of the crashing waves of the ocean in Cornwall. No 2 waves are the same. Just like no two moments is life giving to so many creatures.Of the sheer expansiveness and spaciousness of the north Norfolk beaches… whether the tide is in or out.Of the luscious green hills of the Peak District I discovered (and also fell in love with) this week.And I am in awe of Mama Earth’s Shakti…

Mother Earth has her way. Some makes sense to a rational mind and a soft heart. Some less so. Some is destructive and cruel. Yet still happens. She reminds me that there is something greater at play. She reminds me to trust. She reminds me it’s ok for some of it to make sense and some of it not to. She reminds me to allow rest. She reminds me that there are also times to show up and be me. She reminds me that there is nothing to be gained from comparing. Every part of her is different and has its role to play to create a whole.

And I need to play mine.

By connecting to my heart.

Herself connected to Mama Earth.

Herself part of Universal Love.

Gabrielle Zeter ⭐️

Graduated in 2021 and took 175hr with SSY in 2021 to further enhance her teaching.

Passionate about Bhakti & Sacred Rituals, Gabrielle is well known at Same Star for having the most exquisitely kind heart and is a very valuable part of our Reception Team. Currently moving through advanced mentorship with Samantha around Yin Yang Balance and now teaching Yin Yang Balance classes on Sundays at 9:30-11am.

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