Emma is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Creative Arts Professional of 20 years (Dance, Opera, Acting, Movement Directing).

Authentic, earthy, warm, vibrant and intuitive, Emma welcomes you to show up exactly as you are, providing a clear, boundaried container for relational dynamics, through the nonviolent communication method. Her teacher training ethos is KNOWLEDGE, PASSION, INTEGRITY. Emma focuses on curating a culture of care and of reflective practice in order to optimise, individualise and enrich the learning experience of her students.

Her experience as a somatic movement practitioner gives her sessions a unique flavour that is rooted in substance, creativity, embodied mindfulness and bio-energetics. Emma trained with Claire Missingham (Vinyasa Flow) in 2009. Her main Teachers now are Uma-Dinsmore Tuli (Nidra, Well Woman) Tias Little (Hatha) and Roger Cole PhD (Iyengar and Restorative). Emma supports clients with trauma, CPTSD, CFS, ME and other conditions such as burnout, adrenal fatigue, anxiety & depression.

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