Gaye Gorman

Yoga Teacher
Park Road, East Bergholt

Gaye Gorman found her calling for yoga in Colchester where her journey began 30 years ago attending a weekly class at the adult education centre which she committed to for 15 years before studying to become a teacher. Her then teacher planted the seed telling her she should pursue teaching. A ten month foundation course in  2003 with The British Wheel of Yoga then led her to completing their 3 year Diploma in 2008. She then went on to receive her Yoga For Children Certificate in 2010 also with the BWY.

During 16 years of her teaching Gaye still remains a student with continued  studying becoming a Yoga therapist in 2013 with Yogaforbacks.uk specialising in treating back conditions and is registered with backcare.org.

She says

“I have a passion for helping people relieve their back conditions and blend my back care training and tailor my teaching keeping the health of the spine a priority in all styles I teach so yoga can be experienced as a therapy not just as a form of exercise.”

As the styles of Yoga ever evolving her teaching has organically grown with the changes. With her roots still set deeply in the principals and teaching Hatha, she now teaches Vinyasa, Power Yoga and the contrast that is Yin. Gaye loves to share the benefits of deep relaxation and Meditation from her own experiences of being a lifetime student of Yoga Nidra so completed her certificate in 2021 along with Yin with Yoga Alliance Professionals. In 2018 she joined Faye to obtain her Thai Yoga massage certificate.

Gaye Gorman teaches throughout Essex and Suffolk through her own business Buddhas & Butterflies Yoga for Men & Women and runs her ‘Down to Earth’ Yoga retreat days seasonally throughout the year. Her Yoga therapy allows her to provide bespoke programmes for 1:2:1 sessions for all ages, her eldest client being 94! She has taught GB world championship medallist and 6 time British champion Telemark skier Jasmin Taylor, teaching her some techniques to overcome her nerves at the top of the slopes when she first starting competing.

As well as traditional Hatha, threaded through Gaye’s style of teaching is also a holistic approach connecting with the elements and the seasons from Dru Yoga and blending the practice of mindfulness from Tibetan Yoga working with the mind, body, breath and spirit all connected at its deepest level. Her classes are a balanced combination of fun and energy, and contrasting peace and relaxation, catering for all different personalities. She combines her knowledge of anatomy within her teaching being sensitive to her students needs and encourages them to do what they can for their own mobility.

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