Mousumi Pain

Yoga Teacher
Park Road, East Bergholt, Colchester, Suffolk, CO7 6XS

Mousumi Pain has been practicing yoga since childhood with her father. However, 11 years ago, with the inspiration of 2 teachers, Suganya and Rajiv Biswas, her perspective on yoga changed. Until beginning of 2020, she practiced with various teachers and she was a regular student of Ashtanga yoga, taught by Teresa Kennard.

Gradually a hobby transformed into yearning to gain knowledge about the impact of each poses to the mind and body and of the root of this magical exercise that changes our thinking and way of life.

Mousumi Pain embarked on a 10 month teacher training journey with Faye and Samantha at the Same Star Yoga School. Under the guidance of Faye, she has enriched her vinyasa practice further. She has developed a new interest in Yin yoga taught by Samantha. She feels blessed to be an intermediary to spread these deep-rooted knowledges gained and promote peaceful way of living in the community.

Mousumi explores vinyasa, hatha and Yin-Yang yoga style on spiritual foundation, choreographed with mythological stories. Her yoga styles are blended with Pranayamas, meditations and chanting of shlokas, ensuring participation of anyone with or without experience in yoga.

“Practicing (abhyasa), selfless action (Karma) and duty (Dharma) with discipline (tapasah) and devotion (bhakti), is yoga”

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