Faye Shekhar

Faye Shekhar

Co-owner & Yoga Elder
Park Road, East Bergholt, Colchester, Suffolk, CO7 6XS

Faye Shekhar is a registered 5000hr Yoga Elder for IYN and is following both of her passions as a travelling Yoga Teacher having been fortunate enough to have taught in some incredible locations such as New Zealand, Africa, Peru, Barbados, Bali, India & Sri Lanka to name but a few.

Faye has been a Massage Practitioner since 2007 and Massage Teacher since 2012 Founder of The African Bodywork Initiative launched in 2017 a Karma Yoga Project to help African people with jobs to create sustainable incomes, she has been studying yoga for over 16 years & teaching for over 14 years and in 2018 proudly opened Same Star Yoga in Dedham.

Faye has been fortunate enough to study with Liz Lark, Judith Hanson Lasater, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Shiva Rae, Claire Missingham, Sianna Sherman, Noah Maze’, Suzanne Faith Slocum Gori, Nikki Slade & many incredible Jivamukti teachers and is very blessed to be continuing her studies with her greatest influence to date Paul Muller Ortega.

Faye has had many of her students go on to be teachers & understands it to be her dharma to empower her students in whatever way she can.  Faye is fascinated by Svātantrya & passionate about conveying the relationship between the physical form and the emotional/mental states. Her personal investigation and study with some of the world’s leading teachers has led her to a greater understanding of the potential transformative energies that the various components of yoga both intellectually and experientially can give.

“Yoga enables me to see the divinity within all other beings, and sweetly detach from the things in life that are no longer serving in happy & healthy ways. All we should ever expect of ourselves is to make sure that we are always moving towards our truth. Truth will carry you through the toughest of times & life will always fall into place if it is with the pursuit of truth in mind.”

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