Liza Patoux

I really loved the pre-recorded online class that I bought and did it every day as my yoga practice for the five days I had access. I really liked being able to go deeper into a practice by repeating it. Faye’s cues and language used are so articulate they firmly plant their seeds in my memory.

Anonymous 10

Thank you so much for your amazing workshop this morning. I could feel your heart in it. Lots of tears my end. Utterly brilliant.

Brenda Cox

I loved the class recording of Sam’s class last week. It was easy to follow and the technical side of using it was easy too. I would recommend it to anyone missing your lovely classes.

Claire Baxter

I always reap the benefits from Sam’s classes both in a spiritual and a physical sense. I’m utilising the option of buying the classes that I would have usually attended or participated online live. This currently fits in with me as I have a full house and no real structure. Buying the classes allows me to fit yoga in where it’s possible…and peaceful within my home! Allowing me to feel the full benefit of my yoga time and space without kids or partners stomping though my Savasna!

Saying that I’m really looking forward to attending the studio again, as although I am benefiting from these choices in how and when I practice, I do miss the physical connection from Sam and my fellow yogees.

Claire Baxter

I just wanted to say thank you for the Water element Hatha yoga. As always, it was a super lesson and very reflective of my needs at the moment.

Jo Murphy

I enjoyed the yoga practice very much, a friend had recommended Same Star and I have been following your wonderful advent calendar so wanted to come to a class. Unfortunately, timings, travel distance and cost mean that I won’t be a regular attendee, but it was a joy to connect with you, Samantha’s knowledge is inspiring.