Anonymous 14

Thank you for Fridays workshop. It was just brilliant Faye. Thank you for staying open and brave to let the beautiful Shakti flow through and out. I really felt it, and your letter hit me right in the heart cave xx I’ve been musing on it all and listening to the chants. Looking forward to this Friday. Thanks again Faye. I can really feel your love and support at the moment, and I’m so grateful ❤️

Anonymous 13

Just completed part 1 of Shiva/Shakti. Bliss. Thank you

Anonymous 12

Thank you so much for yesterday’s class, it was beautiful. I haven’t yet written my letter but have finished the five acts and wow it was so powerful. I couldn’t believe what came to me when I was journaling, so thank you. I can’t wait for next week already ??

Anonymous 11

Thank you so much for your wonderful class on Friday (and the links you sent of course!). I loved it and it was beautiful as well as super insightful and touching emotionally. The writing exercise we did has been really revelatory for me and I am setting aside some proper time to also write the letter once I have finished digging the allotment this weekend, which has given me hours yesterday to reflect on all you talked about, so digging both inside and out.


Last Monday was my first yoga class and being online was different but your set up was really clear and easy to see the class.I haven’t been doing yoga for long and I only have experience in solo home practice, so it nice to get feedback on how I was doing with the poses and to enjoy being in a group.I have a goal to become a lot more flexible and to be more relaxed as I hold a lot of tension. I really enjoyed the class and will be rebooking.

Claire Baxter

I always reap the benefits from Sam’s classes both in a spiritual and a physical sense. I’m utilising the option of buying the classes that I would have usually attended or participated online live. This currently fits in with me as I have a full house and no real structure. Buying the classes allows me to fit yoga in where it’s possible…and peaceful within my home! Allowing me to feel the full benefit of my yoga time and space without kids or partners stomping though my Savasna!

Saying that I’m really looking forward to attending the studio again, as although I am benefiting from these choices in how and when I practice, I do miss the physical connection from Sam and my fellow yogees.

Claire Baxter

I just wanted to say thank you for the Water element Hatha yoga. As always, it was a super lesson and very reflective of my needs at the moment.

Carole Mander

Thank you for being there throughout these difficult times. Having the opportunity to continue with  yoga classes online has helped to keep me focused and calm.


I just wanted to say thank you and well done on your wonderful online classes. It must be so hard to teach online but you do it brilliantly and you somehow manage to bring the studio into our homes! Thank you.