Genine Hallet

I can vouch for the teacher training course being totally life changing. I’m half way through the 3rd module and already teaching as a student teacher. I didn’t expect to have the confidence to teach until fully qualified, but Faye & Samantha are incredible teachers and made it possible to believe in myself. The new studio and its surroundings are out of this world too ✨

Tara Perlaki

I feel that Same Star did an amazing job of managing and navigating this year of YTT whilst experiencing the pandemic. There were so many changes that needed to be managed either last minute or with monumental shifts in the way the course was taught. Being faced with a global pandemic that overnight stopped us from being able to meet, gather and be taught in person was something none of us have encountered. But Same Star managed to create opportunities for us to continue online, bringing in brand new technology, as well as adapting group size and location changes (retreat), to ensure we could still continue with our training. I’m so happy that global events didn’t stop the course from going ahead and Samantha & Faye worked so hard to help that happen – thank you!

Melissa Faux

Overall management of the course was wonderful, it was a trying year for all industries and I think the course was managed well. New national guidance was continually communicated to us and the safety measures in the studio were amazing! The course definitely did the job in introducing me to all areas of the Self.

Alison Goddard

I can’t recommend this studio and the teachers Faye and Samantha at Same Star yoga enough. I am now doing my Yoga Teacher Training with them which I feel shows how highly I regard their level of tuition.

Genine Hallett

Once I realised that I wanted to become a yoga teacher, I did a lot of research to see where I was most drawn to and it was important that I felt a connection with my teachers, so after an intro meeting over zoom with Samantha and a call with Faye, I knew that they were going to be perfect and that Same Star Yoga was the place for me. I am almost at the end of my 250 hour teacher training and I couldn’t recommend this course more to anybody thinking of becoming a teacher. I have realised that practicing yoga for many years was just an intro into ‘asana’ and that the yoga traditions and their deeper meanings were yet to be explored and it is these that have led me on a journey of self-discovery and helped me to become a calmer more compassionate person in preparation for teaching. The course covers many other elements to prepare you (anatomy and physiology, how to class plan etc.) so you feel fully equipped to start teaching, but for me it is the spiritual side of the course that has fascinated me the most. Same Star truly is the most beautiful place to learn everything about yoga, from the teachers, through all the course content and to the stunning environment you will be learning in. I will feel forever grateful to have found Same Star Yoga.