Yin yoga uses supported, long, passive holds to work on the deep, dense connective tissues of the body - the fascia, tendons, ligaments and cartilage - which are difficult to energize and open. Using this combination of support, low stress and long holds allows the connective tissue time to transform at a cellular level.

The Four Gates of Speech

Hafiz – the great Persian poet once said

“The words you speak become the house you live in”

Add thoughts, energetic and actions of the same language and effectively that house is either a haven or a hell, a steady place to reside in or a place with shaky foundations.

Personally we feel like our collective planet that we reside upon doesn’t feel like a particularly safe place at the moment so therefore we wondered, could the following ancient wisdom be something we consider?

The Four Gates of Speech – an old Sufi tradition has been a teaching that we have loved and have tried and am sure have many times failed to embody. But as we navigate these turbulent times it feels even more relevant than ever to get it right ourselves, to share it again and to speak of its wisdom in terms of conscious communication for the benefit of all beings.

This philosophy asks us to consider four gates before we are about to speak. Bearing in mind through lockdown the biggest form of communication is social media we feel it’s more appropriate in current time to consider, what we are sharing at this time, so not to add to the world spread negativity that feels so very heavy.

The 1st gate asks Is it True?

How many times do we lazily hit share without really knowing whether something is true? Ok so it may feel true to us but shouldn’t we make it a priority to know whether the facts are really 100% true before we share? If not could we not be adding to collective fear, heartbreak, panic and disorder?

The 2nd gate asks Is it necessary?

Right now all forms of positive interaction feels necessary to aid our buoyancy and all forms of negative interaction feels as if it could benefit from this sacred pause of contemplation. Does the world ‘need’ to hear this now? Please see *below

The 3rd gate asks Is it beneficial?

A quick exercise for you, looking back over your last 15 posts on your timeline, are they posts that you feel are of benefit in order to raise the collective vibration or is it more for your own benefit in terms of needing the reassurance that your way of thinking is the right way (needing more people in my camp types of posts). We all have our own perceptions and we all have a right to share whatever we want however in the current climate are we inspiring collective love or are we inspiring collective fear?

The 4th gate asks Is it Kind?

In yoga we speak of ahimsa an ethical guidance to not harm any being. A lot of people in the world genuinely would never intentionally harm anyone but I’m not so sure we always consider everything that comes from ourselves in terms of our thoughts, words actions & energetic as having the potential to be very harmful. Is it something that is really coming from my true nature, from love? If not, do I ‘need’ to share it? And for what gain?

If the answer is No to any of the above maybe we should consider it for the trash before we post?

We all have a voice that has the power to lift up our collective vibration. A voice that really needs to be heard in our present day shared broken heartedness.

*I also feel inspired to say again it’s not all love and light, it goes without saying our shadows are equally valuable and allowed to be heard this is not about putting a false self out there of everything is blissful, its not, but are we coming from a place of love & integrity? Sometimes our expressed heartbreak & vulnerability is a portal for people to be able to come together and express love.

Our aim through lockdown is to speak from our heart, from truth, that feels necessary, is beneficial and is kind.

If you’d like to take up this invitation to work with the four gates of speech yourself feel free to share the post or tag your fellow open hearted warriors in a quest to join.

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