31 days to dream

Mindfulness writing is like anything else it takes a bit of time and practice for it to feel easeful, some particular subjects and themes you may run with, others may be hard to even get off the starting blocks but with practice we hope this becomes easier and easier for you.

Journalling is a beautiful practice for bringing you into the present moment. It encourages you to drop into your own presence, witness your feelings, your body and your thoughts and enables you to detach from untruths that may be trying to push forth into your everyday. It’s a practice that encourages you to look deeper and witness the richness of life rather than bumbling around on the surface of life.
This is why we are inviting you to join Same Star Yoga’s 31 day 5 min guided Journalling practice.
Each day you can choose a theme to sit with, a sharing from one of Same Star Yoga’s teachers, graduates and trainees. We are super excited to hear their musings and yours if you feel inclined to share.
We encourage you to take 5-10mins silent contemplation & then to put pen to paper and let the magic unfold.
What we hope will manifest from this 31 day challenge is a beautiful creative habit that you wish to continue with and some inspiration that you even may feel called to share with our world and it’s inhabitants that are in such need of positive reflections.
Get ready to drop head in to heart and pen to paper.
We can’t wait to share this with you.

To take part you will need a journal or notebook, pens/pencils and at least 10 minutes a day to compose and write.

We hope you enjoy your journalling practice. Head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages to share your thoughts and writings with us.

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