We are thrilled to welcome Gary Layzell of Holistic Mind Space to Same Star Yoga.

He brings with him a blend of compassionate life coaching, mindset therapies and personal training. In line with our ethos of providing individual support and expanding community consciousness, we encourage you to book some time with Gary where you can take time to investigate your inner practice including the Niyama of Svadhyaya (self-study & reflection).

Holistic Mind Space


Gary founded Holistic Mind Space after discovering during his own yoga journey that one's spiritual practice can bring up many questions about the self, the world around us and our place and direction within it.


He now uses a blend of mindset therapies, coaching and physical exercise to perfectly align the ancient practice of yoga with the demands of a busy western lifestyle. The tools used within these sessions bridges the gap between these two paradigms and will give you the confidence, strength and power of action to take the experience of your practice and apply it to your life off the mat.

Gary Layzell


Gary comes from a background of world travel, business and a love for health and wellbeing.  Adding to this extensive life experience with qualifications in Life Coaching (SNHS dip), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (SNHS dip), Neuro Linguistic Programming (SNHS dip) and a Level Three Diploma in Personal Training and Fitness Instruction, as well as ongoing study in the art of yoga and meditation with an RYS 200 qualification starting in the summer of 2019.


A devoted father and partner, Gary understands the values of modern life and the challenges that can arise from it.


Gary says:

"I, like everyone, have had my success and failure in life. I've had those moments of feeling lost and down, anxious and alone, but truly believe that if one can find their true nature and follow a path that really suits THEM, then there is always hope for a better, brighter, happier future." 

At Holistic Mind Space we hold these values in high regard and believe that there is no time like the present to reach out for help and guidance and allow freedom and clarity to guide us.

Gary's ethos and approach is clear within his own mission statement:

"Through extensive and varied experience; success and failure, building a home and family, world travel and spiritual awakening I now find myself imbued with the strength, knowledge and compassion to hold space for others in need and offer support and guidance when invited to do so. Everyone has a path to travel and mine is to smooth the way for others, to lift them up and revel in their joy".

You may recognize Gary from his collaboration with Faye Riches for Same Star Yoga's monthly Kirtan event.


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