• Samantha Layzell

Change - transition - resilience - adaptability

We are witnessing a global call to learn new ways of interacting, working and living together, adapting our perspectives and behaviours for the good of the wider community. It is a call to set aside our old patterns for new collective ones.

How can we cope with all of these changes without feeling overwhelmed?

What is it about change that we find so challenging? What emotions does it bring up for you?





hope, anger,




How can we skilfully navigate these emotions in ways that ease our transition? How do we build our resilience to change and learn how to adapt?

Faye and I are seeing this in the wider world, in our own lives and in the lives of our teacher trainees and students. Over the past three months, we have re-imagined our yoga studio, and our offerings multiple times and we continue to evolve at a faster pace than ever before. There have definitely been moments of anxiety and feelings of exhaustion followed by hope, exhilaration and gratitude as we continue to move forward with our values of collective unity and collaboration. We really love all the new ways we are able to collaborate with people and businesses.

Our Teacher Trainees began their ten-month journey on 7th March and had one weekend together before full lockdown happened. They have all shown incredible adaptability, moving to an online teaching environment, adopting a new timetable and have been accommodating a new date and venue for their week-long retreat. They truly are living their yoga; trusting in the process and unattaching to their ideas of how things should be.

This philosophy is a key one in yoga - letting go of how we believe, think and feel things ‘should’ be and allowing the act of collective co-creation to manifest something more extraordinary than we could ever have imagined. We have witnessed this many times over these past three months, especially with our teacher training retreat. When we let go of our need for certainty and move to a place of trust in our ability to cope with whatever arises, we increase our resilience. It is this resilience that allows us to be adaptable and flexible, moving us from rigid and fragile to fluid and flexible.

Our capacity to trust comes from many places. We can build trust in ourselves, in our ability to cope with whatever arises and trust in others, that we aren’t in this alone.

This takes practice.

If you would like to learn more about resilience and adaptability and practice techniques that help increase our capacity for change and decrease feelings of overwhelm, we would love to welcome you to one of our online or outside yoga classes. Our new timetable is at

With loving kindness,