Sam Watts

As is the case with many people who find themselves on the path of yoga, it was a gradual change of direction for Sam.  With a background in personal training and a much of her time spent at the gym or running, yoga really began as a way to ‘de-load’ from the week, stretch out the hamstrings, and ‘re-set’ the body ready for the next exercise session.  

It wasn’t long however before the practice of yoga began to deliver more than the physical. Sam already had an holistic approach to personal training for her clients, but the exploration of yoga added a dimension to that training that felt much more relevant and important. While there wasn’t an exact moment of realisation, a leaning towards the spiritual and emotional became evident, a transformation that a regular yoga practice can bring.

After guidance from Faye, Sam explored the idea of Yoga Teacher Training, and in March 2015, began her 200-hour YTT with Claire Missingham. Dynamic yoga, connecting movement, and music was the calling. All the pieces began to fall into place and she knew that this was the path for her.

Sam continued her training in 2017 where she completed her 300 YTT at Sampoorna Yoga School in Goa.

“Yoga for me is a gift that I have been fortunate enough to find, and now feel compelled to share.  It is sanctuary for when times are challenging, and a space to express gratitude and love when times are good. I love the sweet release of a dynamic sweaty practice, the natural high that occurs when you lift into a beautiful asana and the exhilaration felt when the rhythm of the breath is the biggest sound in the room. There is nothing like that feeling of coming together through a strong practice, grounding your feet into the earth, lifting your arms to the sky and opening your heart as the music takes you somewhere truly magical.

Yoga is magic as far as I am concerned and we all need a bit of sparkle in our lives!  It is there within all of us - and stepping onto a yoga mat is a great pathway to discovering that. Yoga is about acceptance and connection, real connection with your true self, and authentic soul-connections with others. Acceptance of who you are, and where you are right now - and that we are all a work in progress!”