Awakening Kundalini Heart & Soul Experience

This empowering workshop wakes up the flow of life force energy to help restore the Chi energy flow to restore vitality.

Baby & Me Yoga

A men’s yoga practice where you will be introduced to various postures & the alignment principles with different intentions each week.

Beginner Yoga

Join Faye to work through the yoga basics that underpin all other styles of yoga.

Beginner Flow Yoga

An enlivening morning beginners flow class. Through postures (asana), meditation and breathing techniques (pranayama) we explore how to take on the world. Marrying breath and movement we steadily flow, we use postures to connect with ourselves, to connect with our truth and investigate how we take on the day to day.

Beginner Yin Yoga

Almost all yoga practised today is dynamic and muscularly active, it is considered to be ‘yang’. Yin yoga balances this to bring harmony in our practice. Our intention is to give you the opportunity to begin your week in a mindful and fully present way.