Diwali Journey to Flying Warrior

It is the Hindu New Year, a very exciting and colourful time. Celebrate with a workshop journey to flying warrior pose.

New Moon Luminosity With Samantha

As we approach the darkness of the New Moon, Samantha will guide you in practices promoting stress release and energetic balance.

Yoga in the Park with Samantha

Join Samantha for 75 minutes of hatha yoga in the park where we use static poses and gentle movement to calm the mind.

Yin/Yang Balance Yoga with Samantha

This class is a great way to begin your Sunday.  The yang section of this class is inspired by the Anatomy Trains principles of affecting the neuro-myofascial connections throughout the body with dynamic movement. The yin section is a fusion of yin yoga, 5 element theory and Buddhist principles.

Mythical Flow Yoga with Faye

A class aimed towards practitioners and yoga teachers looking to enhance their existing practice. 

Yin Yoga & Meditation with Samantha

Sink into a yin class focussed on releasing all your stresses and balancing your energy ready for the week. In this class we also learn how to practice meditation together. Leave the class feeling restored and replenished, with renewed vitality and a calm, still mind.

Hatha Yoga with Samantha

This class is suitable for complete beginners and injured warriors looking to return to the mat. We work with static poses and gentle movement using modifications and props to ensure we are working compassionately with what’s happening for us today on the mat. We practice pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation to find our bliss.