On-Demand Yoga Classes

We have recorded our most popular classes for you, so you can enjoy these classes at any time.

If you have a class pass then don’t worry, these recordings can be bought using your Class Pass.

Karma Yoga Videos

Our Karma Yoga Videos are free for you to use as many time as you wish.

We have created short yoga classes/meditation sessions to help guide you in your practice and create calm in your mind that you can come back to again and again…and again!

Yin yoga – Holistic energy balance

Japa Mantra Om

Metta Meditation

Yin Yoga – Dragonfly

Breath Awareness Practice

Ganesha Chant



Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

Spinal Mobility Sequence for Back Pain

Om Govinda Namaha Chant

Body Scan Meditation

Downward Facing Dog

Body Scan Meditation

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Mythical Flow Yoga

Mythical Flow Yoga is a class aimed towards practitioners and yoga teachers looking to enhance their existing practice.

Combining both her passions of Bhakti and Tantric Philosophy Faye creates a 90 minute woven tapestry of asanas (postures) pranayama (breathing) philosophy and mythology, meditation and mantra.

Aligning with Your Inner Compass

Destination – Surya Yantrasana (Compass)

Realisation of The Dark Mother

Destination – Tittibhasana (Firefly)

The Philosophy Behind Discovering Santosha (Contentment)

Destination – Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)

Finding a Place of Indifference to Pleasure and Discomfort

Destination Pose – Maksikanagasana (Dragonfly)

Feeling Into the Spaciousness of my Existence

Destination Pose – Svarga Dvijasana (Bird of Paradise)

Grounding for Safety

Stimulating Muladhara Root Energy

The Dance towards my Brightest Self

Destination – Natarajasana (Dancer)

Finding Balance in the midst of Confusion

Destination – Ganeshasana (Elephant Deity)

Pincha Mayurasana

Destination – Feathered Peacock

Yoga Journeys – A Pilgrimage Home

A Pilgrimage Home is a collection of short journeys that are passageways for investigating the Self. They provide opportunities to develop a greater understanding of our inner workings via the many tools of yoga, to find a home in the physical body that we inhabit for a short time and to face the truth in every moment no matter how hard that truth may be, trusting in the ever-changing, unfolding journey of life.

A Pilgrimage generally is a calling for us to leave our crazy modern-day lifestyles for a time, to venture to far-flung destinations in order to escape, that might be to escape the winter darkness, the mundane and the ordinary or simply trying to escape from ones own ‘life’.  Being an avid traveller I’ve come to realise some of my greatest transformations haven’t come from travelling halfway around the world, they’ve come through the act of stillness and turning inward.

Each journey consists of three,  two hour+ classes.

Series 1 – The Embodiment of Shiva & Shakti – Shiva

Understanding Shiva is to understand the light of consciousness and the power of Self awareness.

We cultivate the awareness of the acts of Shiva within, in every moment both universally and within our own selves. Bringing a greater understanding of the way of things & the bigger picture of life.

Our first session and first step is to access this pulsating flow of universal power that we inherently are.

Series 1 – The Embodiment of Shiva & Shakti – Shakti

In this practice we acknowledge the energy of Shakti, becoming fully present to the glory of this human existence, our bodies our housings or vehicles for our little individual expressions of the universal power.

When we become aware of how this power expresses itself through us in a way that is completely unique to us, we understand the truth and the reason for our existence.

Series 1 – The Embodiment of Shiva & Shakti – Spanda

Spanda the inherent creative vibration of universal consciousness as it moves in to, (shakti feminine) & out of, (shiva masculine) form.

Understanding that contraction is a natural occurrence in order for there to be significant change, enables us to better surrender to the pulse of life, trusting that in contraction (shakti) lies the seeds of expansion (shiva).

Yoga Workshops

These are 2 hour, unique and extended yoga classes built around specific intentions. This extended time allows for a deeper exploration of a theme and/or a destination pose without the need to rush to get anywhere.

Variations and modifications are explored for all experience levels. Suggestions are made for skilful progressions.

Finding the Space between Hope & Acceptance

Join Faye in this 2 hour workshop of practices to stimulate the energy centres of the body that cultivate an ability to find a sweet spot between Hope & Acceptance & enable the body to better move towards Raja Kapotasana (King Pigeon Pose).

Continually swamped with bad news we drop into the mind and suddenly the reservoir of hope in the heart is lost again.

By turning away from the media and tuning into our true nature we recognise ourselves as part of nature herself, in yoga known as Prakriti. When a deeper understanding of this is cultivated a greater acceptance of the cycles of life (the ebb and flow) is to be found.

Yin/Yang Balance Yoga

Our Yin/Yang Balance classes are a great way to spend your time.  The yang section of these classes is a flow inspired sections by the Anatomy Trains principles of affecting our neuro-myofascial connections with dynamic movement. The yin section is a fusion of yin yoga, 5 element theory and Buddhist principles.

Expect to leave class feeling energised, refreshed and fully resourced.  You’ll be ready for anything!

Lateral Lines

Wood element – Liver & Gallbladder energy – moving towards compassion, working through anger & frustration.

Superficial Back Line

Water element – Kidney & Bladder energy – moving towards wisdom, working through fear & mistrust.

Superficial Front Line

Earth element – Spleen & Stomach energy – moving towards equanimity & contentment, working through anxiety.

Spiral Lines

All elements – working toward holistic balance of the entire body & energy system.

Deep Front Line

Deep Front Line, Fire element – moving towards love and acceptance, working through dislike and aversion.

Functional Lines

Metal element – moving towards courage and reverence, working through grief and depression.

Hatha Yoga

Unite body and mind with a Hatha Yoga Class, suitable for everyone from complete beginners to experienced yogis including injured warriors looking to return to the mat.

Wood Element

Liver & Gallbladder energy – moving towards compassion, working through anger & frustration.

hatha water

Water Element

Kidney & Bladder energy – moving towards wisdom, working through fear & mistrust.

Earth Element

Spleen & Stomach energy – moving towards equanimity & contentment, working through anxiety.

Fire and Metal Elements

Heart & Small intestine, Lung & Large intestine – moving towards love, acceptance, courage & reverence, working through dislike, aversion, grief and depression.

All Elements

All elements – moving towards full holistic balance in our physical & energetic bodies, letting go of anything that no longer serves us.