Yoga Training Retreats

Deepen all areas of your yoga practice, guided by experienced teachers who will encourage you to discover who you really are. Suited to yogis of all levels of experience, immerse yourself in a beautiful week of yoga teaching.

We are a multi award winning yoga studio

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Guided Immersive Yoga Training Retreats

Our yoga training retreats are thoughtfully curated, designed with specially crafted yoga master classes, unique workshops and lectures. Your time will be filled with Yoga demonstrations, practices and exercises that will challenge and delight the aspiring yogi in you.  Each retreat is based in the UK.

All Yogis Welcome

Suited to any yogi of any level, your teachers meet you where you are in your practice. 

Master Classes

Practice vinyasa, anusara, hatha & yin yoga classes with experienced teachers.

Compassionate Support

Take time for yourself with compassionate and enthusiastic support from experienced teachers. 

Award Winning Training

Practice under the guidance of a multi-award winning studio.

Discover Your Self 

  • Step away from your daily life and turn inwards
  • Give yourself an opportunity to truly relax
  • Become more acquainted with your inner self
  • Fulfil your potential
  • Practice being the best version of yourself 
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Take the time for yourself 
  • Refuel your inspiration
  • Revitalise your natural
  • Come away with a tribe
  • Relax and restore with massages and treatments from our practitioners
  • Grow and engage by contemplating the themes discussed in your journal

Counts Towards your Yoga Teacher Training

Join us as part of your 250hr Yoga Teacher Training or simply immerse yourself in the world of yoga.

Choose Your Yoga Training Retreat 

Our modular Yoga Training retreats programme gives you the opportunity to study at your pace in a way that fits into your life. 

Exploration of the Self

Reveal your unique strengths as well as exploring topics such as meditation, mindfulness, pranayama , kriyas, mudras and bandhas. We study the Chakra system working with the nadis that distribute prana and we learn from Traditional Chinese Medicine, studying the flow of Qi through the subtle body along the energy channels/meridians.

Your Yoga Teachers 

Faye Riches

Director of Studies

Faye Riches is a registered 5000hr Yoga Elder for IYN and she has been studying yoga for over 15 years & teaching for over 12 years. 

Faye has already had over 20 of her students go on to be yoga teachers & understands it to be her dharma to empower her students in whatever way she can. Faye is passionate and eager to convey the relationship between the physical form and the emotional/mental states. Her personal investigation and study with some of the world’s leading teachers has led her to a greater understanding of the potential transformative energies that the various components of a yoga practice can give.

Samantha Layzell

Senior Tutor

With over 20+ years of experience Samantha has a calming vibe and positive energy which comes through in every class where she compassionately encourages her students to indulge their physical, emotional and spiritual selves in a powerful exploration of yoga. Her knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology, gained through her work as a sports massage therapist, supports her teaching and allows her to identify modifications for people wishing to practice yoga as part of their injury rehabilitation process.

Samantha strongly believes that yoga is for everyone and one of her big loves is sharing yoga with people who didn’t think yoga was for them.

Ready to immerse yourself in a Yoga Training Retreat?

Janet Oliver
You asked for feedback on my experience at Same Star Yoga, so here goes: The location - Really convenient!  I'm delighted the studio is so close to my home. Design and interior 'decor' -  A beautiful, calm and relaxing space. Perfect for practising Yoga. Teachers - All the classes I've attended have been expertly led.  The teachers are very attentive to students' needs & requirements. Prices - Very reasonable.  I like the idea of the multi-class passes, which are very handy for those of us who want to try out different sessions.
Janet Oliver
Same Star Yogi
Andrew Perillo
I can't recommend this studio and the teachers Faye and Samantha at Same Star yoga enough. I am now doing my Yoga Teacher Training with them which I feel shows how highly I regard their level of tuition.
Alison Goddard
Same Star Yogi
Anonymous 15
I enjoyed the yoga practice very much... it was a joy to connect with you, Samantha's knowledge is inspiring.
Same Star Yogi