Yoga Teacher Training

Same Star Yoga offers an intimate, multi disciplined, 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course with a distinct intention to inspire the Yogi to begin The Exploration of the Self and cultivate their own uniqueness as a teacher. 

Embark on your Yoga Teacher Training Journey with an Award Winning Yoga Studio. 

Deepen your practice and knowledge of yoga. Request a copy of our prospectus to find out more about our 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training programme.

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We are a multi award winning yoga studio

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Our Yoga Teacher Training 

In our training we take you through a programme to find out your unique strengths & values, whether that be as a budding new teacher or something you thread into your current life, you will find yourself expressing from the basis of your own truths and what lights you up as an individual.

Modular Format

Our training is held over 10 months and is spread across three modules that each have their own individual focus and purpose.

Award Winning Training 

We have won multiple awards in recognition of our Yoga Teacher Training and pride ourselves on providing only the best to our students.

Compassionate Support

At Same Star Yoga our main goal is to provide the support our yogis need, whether you are a beginner or taking part in our Teacher Training, we will always be on hand to guide you to be your best self.


You will complete your training alongside other yogis and as you move through the course you will grow to become your very own kula, supporting each other as you journey through your training.

Discover Your Self 

  • Discover who you are as a yoga teacher
  • Learn and grow
  • Become more acquainted with your inner self
  • Fulfil your potential
  • Practice being the best version of yourself
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Learn how to guide others

Yoga Teacher Training Modules

Our modular Yoga Teacher Training programme gives you the opportunity to study at your pace in a way that fits into your life. 

Module 1 – Connection to the Source

75 hours

63 contact hours with your teachers
12 + non-contact hours of personal study


Module 1 covers key aspects of yoga history, yoga theory, philosophical texts, mythology from a variety of lineages and traditions.  We also explore the use of devavani (sanskrit) the ancient language of the gods.

In our physical sessions, we explore vinyasa, hatha and yin asana and esoteric practices such as kriyas, pranayama, mudras, meditations and bandhas to create a deeper understanding of how to ground our modern day practice into its ancient roots.

We take a guided read-through of The Bhagavad Gita together with graduate & Krishna devotee Mousumi Pain and welcome Alistair Shearer, cultural historian & writer, to help to illuminate this text further in a special afternoon lecture.  This training requires you to dedicate a minimum of 12 hours to personal study including reading, translating & commenting on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali & The Dhammapada.

This Module is held over seven days at the weekends over a 4 month period, at our yoga studio

Module 2 – Exploration of the Self

75 hours

58 contact hours with your teachers
17 + non-contact hours of personal study

Starting beginner yoga

In Module 2 we delve into practices that uncover your true Self and reveal your unique strengths as well as exploring topics such as meditation, mindfulness, pranayama, kriyas, mudras and bandhas. We study the Chakra system working with the nadis that distribute prana and we learn from Traditional Chinese Medicine, studying the flow of Qi through the subtle body along the energy channels/meridians.

Great emphasis is placed on your own understanding and experience of the subtle body so that you are able to integrate your knowledge and experience to greatly enhance your life whether that be through simply continuing as a practitioner or passing it on from a place of authenticity and knowing as a teacher.

The 75 hours of this module is made up of 58 contact hours with your teachers and a minimum of 17 non-contact hours of personal study including a guided 30 day sadhana (personal practice journey) and a 3000 word essay on The Subtle Body, the title of which will be agreed with your assigned course mentor during your 1:1 session after the retreat.

Module 2 of our Yoga Teacher Training Course is completed during a seven day non-residential retreat at our yoga studio. 

Module 3 – Illuminating the Teacher Within

100 hours

80 contact hours with your teachers
20 + non-contact hours of personal study

After taking part in Modules 1 and 2, you will be ready to take the next step on your yoga journey and begin to embody your authentic teaching voice.

Join us for 11 days over six months at our yoga studio for Module 3. You will analyse yoga postures, study functional anatomy & physiology, learn the arts of verbal and physical cueing, discover how to craft the perfect playlist and practice how to expertly theme and sequence your classes based on your own unique & authentic expression of yoga. Gain a thorough understanding of how to hold boundaries for your students, why holding sacred space is fundamentally important and how to do it with grace and compassion. Our teachers share their journeys in the business of yoga, how to create inclusive spaces for all students and how to ethically navigate the modern business world.

The 100 hours of this module is made up of 80 contact hours with your teachers and a minimum of 20 non-contact hours of personal study including 20 class observations. You will be assigned a mentor for the course and have a 1:1 session with your mentor. 

Assessment will be in the form of a 1 hour theory paper and mock and practical assessment days. Your graduation ceremony will be expertly crafted to complete the process of illuminating the teacher within you.

Your Yoga Teachers 

Faye Shekhar

Director of Studies

Faye Riches is a registered 5000hr Yoga Elder for IYN and she has been studying yoga for 17 years & teaching for 15 years. 

Faye has had many of her students go on to become yoga teachers & understands it to be her dharma to empower her students in whatever way she can. Faye is passionate and eager to convey the relationship between the physical form and the emotional/mental states. Her personal investigation and study with some of the world’s leading teachers has led her to a greater understanding of the potential transformative energies that the various components of a yoga practice can give.

Samantha Layzell

Director of Studies

Also registered as a 5000hr Yoga Elder with over 20+ years of experience Samantha has a calming vibe and positive energy which comes through in every class where she compassionately encourages her students to indulge their physical, emotional and spiritual selves in a powerful exploration of yoga. Her knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology, gained through her work as a sports massage therapist, supports her teaching and allows her to identify modifications for people wishing to practice yoga as part of their injury rehabilitation process.

Samantha strongly believes that yoga is for everyone and one of her big loves is sharing yoga with people who didn’t think yoga was for them.

About Same Star

At Same Star we invite you to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be. 

Our school is a safe, warm open hearted space where you can feel supported along your journey to become a greater person and explore the world of yoga as a teacher. 

Our aim is to build a long term kula that is focussed around healthy wellbeing and mindfulness. We believe in delivering excellence with kindness and compassion, encouraging our students to improve their holistic health and supporting them as they explore the many practices yoga has to offer.

What our students say

Genine Hallet
I can vouch for the teacher training course being totally life changing. I'm half way through the 3rd module and already teaching as a student teacher. I didn't expect to have the confidence to teach until fully qualified, but Faye & Samantha are incredible teachers and made it possible to believe in myself. The new studio and its surroundings are out of this world too ✨
Genine Hallet
Same Star Yogi
Tara Perlaki
I feel that Same Star did an amazing job of managing and navigating this year of YTT whilst experiencing the pandemic. There were so many changes that needed to be managed either last minute or with monumental shifts in the way the course was taught. Being faced with a global pandemic that overnight stopped us from being able to meet, gather and be taught in person was something none of us have encountered. But Same Star managed to create opportunities for us to continue online, bringing in brand new technology, as well as adapting group size and location changes (retreat), to ensure we could still continue with our training. I’m so happy that global events didn’t stop the course from going ahead and Samantha & Faye worked so hard to help that happen – thank you!
Tara Perlaki
Same Star Yogi
Melissa Faux
Overall management of the course was wonderful, it was a trying year for all industries and I think the course was managed well. New national guidance was continually communicated to us and the safety measures in the studio were amazing! The course definitely did the job in introducing me to all areas of the Self.
Melissa Faux
Same Star Yogi

Ready to start your Yoga Teacher Training?

Embark on your Yoga Teacher Training Journey with an Award Winning Yoga Studio

Deepen your practice and knowledge of yoga. Request a copy of our prospectus to find out more about our 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training programme.

(If you can’t see the form below, ensure third party cookies are enabled on your browser – if you still can’t see the form or you have any issues with completing it, email reception@samestaryoga.com to register your interest.)

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