Exploration of the Self Yoga Retreat

13th – 19th August 2021

Suffolk, UK

Attend this yoga training retreat to reveal your unique strengths as well as exploring topics such as meditation, mindfulness, pranayama, kriyas, mudras and bandhas. 

What We Will Cover

On this beautiful 7 day and 6 night immersive residential Yoga Training Retreat, we delve into practices that uncover your true Self and reveal your unique strengths. You’ll explore topics such as meditation, mindfulness, pranayama, kriyas, mudras and bandhas. 

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Yoga Training

  • Deepen all areas of your yoga practice.
  • Learn with experienced teachers who will encourage you to discover who you really are.

Traditional Practices

Study & learn about:

  • the Chakra system working with the nadis that distribute prana (energy)
  • the Traditional Chinese Medicine system
  • 5 Element Theory & the flow of Qi through the subtle body along the energy channels/meridians

Learn about Your Self

  • Great emphasis is placed on your own understanding and experience of the subtle body
  • Learn to integrate your knowledge and experience
  • Greatly enhance your life whether that be through simply continuing as a yoga practitioner
  • Or passing it on from a place of authenticity and knowing as a teacher.

Personal Study

To gain 75hrs certification towards our 250hr Teacher Training you will need to undertake:

  • 17 non-contact hours of personal study including a guided 30 day sadhana (personal practice journal)
  • A 3000 word essay on The Subtle Body (supported by your mentor)
  • If you are attending just as a retreat then personal study is optional


  • Need a little bit extra tender care whilst on the Retreat?
  • You can get tailored treatments with our practitioners to help ease your body and soothe your soul


  • Take yourself off somewhere quiet in the grounds with your journal
  • Contemplate and journal on the many themes delivered in the classes

Discover Your Self 

  • Step away from your daily life and turn inwards
  • Give yourself an opportunity to truly relax
  • Become more acquainted with your inner self
  • Fulfil your potential
  • Practice being the best version of yourself 
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Take the time for yourself 
  • Refuel your inspiration
  • Revitalise your natural energy
  • Come away with a tribe

The Accomodation

Flatford Mill

Our tranquil accommodation at Flatford Mill, sits amidst the grounds of a Grade 1 listed watermill on the River Stour where we will enjoy breakfast.

We spend our days in our boutique studio in Dedham just minutes walk along the river or out enjoying the beautiful surrounding Constable Countryside.

Flatford Mill, East Bergholt, Colchester, CO7 6UL

Your Yoga Teachers

Faye Riches

Director of Studies

Faye Riches is a registered 5000hr Yoga Elder for IYN and she has been studying yoga for over 15 years & teaching for over 12 years. 

Faye has already had over 20 of her students go on to be yoga teachers & understands it to be her dharma to empower her students in whatever way she can. Faye is passionate and eager to convey the relationship between the physical form and the emotional/mental states. Her personal investigation and study with some of the world’s leading teachers has led her to a greater understanding of the potential transformative energies that the various components of a yoga practice can give.

Samantha Layzell

Senior Tutor

With over 20+ years of experience Samantha has a calming vibe and positive energy which comes through in every class where she compassionately encourages her students to indulge their physical, emotional and spiritual selves in a powerful exploration of yoga. Her knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology, gained through her work as a sports massage therapist, supports her teaching and allows her to identify modifications for people wishing to practice yoga as part of their injury rehabilitation process.

Samantha strongly believes that yoga is for everyone and one of her big loves is sharing yoga with people who didn’t think yoga was for them.

Counts Towards your Yoga Teacher Training

If you are an aspiring yoga teacher,  join us as part of your 250hr Yoga Teacher Training.

What our students say

The retreat for me it was a very illuminating, connecting and sacred space that was created! We had space to be alone and to be together, and that balance was so spot on and allowed us all to honour ourselves and one another is such a loving way! I learnt more about my own energetic boundaries and when I need to prioritise recharging to stay focused and present with others! It was a LOT in one week but that’s what made it so transformational! I also had some amazing mystical experiences in that week, the presence of my nan with me during meditations and an overwhelming heart opening and expansion in one of your classes! Lots of tingles and magic!
Tara Perlaki
Loved everything about the retreat week – and the fact that this created and put together off the back of massive changes, was so impressive.It felt like the first time in the course, that I had got to know my fellow yogi’s on the course and that made it even more special.The whole experience was so positive!
Tara Perlaki
Same Star Yogi
Holly Aldred
The space created on retreat did feel very special. The venue made me comfortable in unique times. The subjects covered were very enjoyable and really diverse.
Holly Aldred
Same Star Yogi

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