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Silent Night - Acuity
Silent Night

The birth of light is a symbol of the potential within you, within each of us: to find purpose, meaning, direction, and joy in life—particularly when things seem dark.

Every life has its winter solstice times, when there’s more darkness than light.

clock 5 hr 30 min

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Yoga by Candlelight banner (Instagram Post) (400 x 300 px)
Yoga by Candlelight

Join Samantha on a sacred journey into relaxation and bliss.

This event is held in soft candlelight where you will be offered supported yin yoga poses to a background of traditional Indian mantra. Pure indulgence!

clock 2hrs

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Learn to listen and love your voice (400 x 300 px)
Learn to Listen and Love your Voice

No two voices are the same, as our voices are as individual as our fingerprints and are part of the uniqueness of what makes you recognisable as you.

Join Ruth as she teaches you how to recognise your own vocal health and give you tips on how to improve your individual voice through knowledge and yoga and give you more confidence in using your voice.

clock 3hrs

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full moon
Full Moon Rituals & Restorative Yoga

Whether celestially in tune or not millions of women and men are unknowingly electrified with emotion around a full moon phase. As the end of the lunar cycle approaches, join Faye to slow down with restorative yoga and get intimate with the meaning of each individual full moon.

clock 2hr

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return to source
Return to Source

Step into a traditional Hatha Workshop with Samantha and journey back to the source of yoga. Samantha will invoke all aspects of the traditional yoga she practiced during her extended stays in India to bring you an immersive experience during this three hour workshop.

Enjoy a nutritious community lunch after your workshop at Fields Farmshop & Cafe.

clock 4hr

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Cultivating Freedom through Forgiveness (400 x 300 px)
Cultivating Freedom through Forgiveness

Join Samantha to find out more about what forgiveness is and what it isn’t through a skilful, lovingly created morning of practices to suit all levels of experience.

clock 3hr

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