Holly Aldred

Yoga Teacher
Park Road, East Bergholt, Colchester, Suffolk, CO7 6XS

Holly Aldred thought she was drawn to find Yoga through the avenue of looking for improved strength and flexibility. And in some part that is true, but what kept her coming back was the intrigue and awe of how Yoga both challenged and comforted her.

Holly says

“Yoga is physicality with beautiful thought provoking subtleties. Shining light onto options for navigating life that are thousands of years old and yet, seem just so relevant and vital today. Plus of course you get an awesome stretch. When the opportunity to teach was placed in my path, I simply had to. A deep yearning to share what I am continuing to learn and experience has bought me to ‘Honour Yoga’.

I’m not sure we honour ourselves enough in this modern world and I hope through ‘Honour Yoga’ you feel welcome, safe and deeply cherished.”

Holly hopes to offer everyone the opportunity to honour themselves with less critique. Her classes aim to help clear the path to deep rooted intuition. She encourages indulging in feeling content and perhaps, through the study of yourself, feeling more prepared to be present in the world. This leads to a willingness to embrace all of its ebbs and flows. (She can confirm that a Warrior Pose in the supermarket is always appropriate!)

Holly Aldred can be found teaching our Slow Flow classes and supports Samantha in her yin & meditation classes. Holly is also a valued member of the Same Star Reception team.

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