Suzanne Hunt

Guest Teacher
Park Road, East Bergholt, Colchester, Suffolk, CO7 6XS

Suzanne has over 28 years of experience in both healing and body work within a multitude of forms including Tantric and Tao bodywork. She is the proud founder of the ‘Somasutra School of Healing and Modern Tantra’ and her practitioner abilities enable her to coach her clients within the realms of Trauma and Emotional Release, Breath work, as well as connection and Intimacy Coaching.

The path of healing resonated strongly within Suzanne from a very young age; her born gift and desire to learn and harness her abilities has led her to gain a wealth of knowledge which, in-turn filters through to her clients; gaining them a greater understanding of themselves whilst being held by her in a place of safety and compassion.

Suzanne is passionate about empowering people to access the correct tools through her teachings to help themselves on their own personal journey to healing.

Suzanne owns a well-established hair and beauty salon in Colchester, is a fully trained BLAST practitioner for trauma and PTSD related issues, she Co- facilitates with various tantra academies, is a certified practitioner of ‘Soma Breath and a Certified Tantric Journey Educator’ and practitioner at the ‘Academy of Modern Tantra’. She runs workshops, works on a group and one to one basis and has an incredible passion for empowering couples to find a deeper connection and for individuals to find a deeper level of self-awareness.

Suzanne is a naturally powerful healer who has gained mastery over her kundalini energy, she uses antient techniques alongside fully tuning-in and surrendering into her body in everyday life but especially when working alongside her clients. Her skills are vast, and her intuition means treatments are as unique and individual as her clientele. Whether you are in need of healing, trauma release, in search of connecting with a deeper understanding of your sensuality (personally or as a loving couple), in need of a safe place to unashamedly heal intimate issues, are going through a spiritual awakening or even want to learn how to be more present in your existence; Suzanne will teach you the importance of connecting your mind , body and breath and that pushing past boundaries of discomfort are the key to surrendering and fully expanding into who we all truly are. Opportunities for growth are limitless; we all have the ability to step into our power.

Suzanne is passionate about instilling the importance of self-belief, worthiness, and ownership of personal choice in her therapy sessions. She heals from a place of deep understanding, unconditional love and uniquely passes over the reins of empowerment for her clients to steer themselves into healing under the wing of her experienced assistance.

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