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Saturday 6th November

Join us for a whole day of workshops & treats as we celebrate the opening of our new space and the Hindu festival of Diwali.

Our programme for Saturday is:

  • Jivamukti Open class with Faye
  • Facial workshop with Laura
  • Lunch @ Fields Cafe
  • Yin & Crystal meditation with Faye & Samantha
  • Cacao ceremony with wholefood energy snacks
  • Kirtan with Faye & Special Guests
Jivamukti Diwali Workshop with Faye

Diwali festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness or good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair, much needed through our global struggles.

So in our practice we take on a dance towards Flying Warrior Pose (Vishvamistrasana) we acknowledge ourselves as Spiritual Warriors who go to battle everyday with our own egos & self ignorance (Avidya) to free ourselves from this ultimate source of all of our suffering.

In this practice we acknowledge & celebrate the difficulties & the challenges we have faced and currently face and understand that being thrown into the darkness is what has been the catalyst for us to become the Spiritual Warriors that we are and to continue our journey so that we may continue to fly through adversity.

Facial Massage Flow workshop with Laura

We often spend time focusing on toning the muscles from the neck down, but forget about the 42 muscles in the face, as well as the neck ones too!

During this ritual, Laura will invite you to connect with these muscles and guide you through a tension releasing and glow enhancing facial massage ritual. We will begin with a relaxing facial cleanse to prep the skin and then flow into our restorative, radiance enhancing facial ritual, all whilst being soothed by calming sound bowl therapy.

Whilst healthy glowing skin is often achieved from regular facial massage, it’s the emotional effects that clients often find incredibly beneficial from performing this skin ritual. Laura is passionate about teaching her clients to perform self compassionate skincare rituals, with a deeply relaxing and mindful focus.

Lunch @ Fields Cafe

We are thrilled to invite you to have lunch with us provided by our next door neighbours, Fields Farm Shop & Cafe.

*Do let us know on your booking form if you have dietary requirements.

Yin Yoga & Crystal Meditation with Faye & Samantha

This workshop looks to cultivate all the benefits of yin yoga whilst drawing upon the energy of the crystals that we laid into the foundations of the building.

Poses and meditations are supported by Rose Quartz to promote positivity, love and balance and Citrine to enhance self esteem, joy and abundance.

Each workshop participant will receive a rose quartz and citrine crystal to take home.

Cacao Ceremony with Faye & Samantha

Take part in a ceremony honouring cacao and set intentions around lighting up your life with the energy of Diwali.

Healthy wholefood snacks will also be provided.

*Do let us know on your booking form if you have dietary requirements.

Chant Om
Kirtan with Faye, Michelle & Gary

Known as The Yoga of Sound, Kirtan is a form of Bhakti (Devotion) yoga – an active meditation that is the practice of Union with the Divine Self.

Prepare for a Diwali journey in opening your heart & plugging into deeper spheres of existence – being in a state of awe, our perspective shifts, we begin to see the bigger picture of life, realise our interconnectedness with all things & so therefore have a better ability to carry that out into our daily lives, working environment, our relationships with other people, animals, mother earth & all of existence.

Monica Nias Chambers – Pranic Healing

9:00am – 5pm

Barry Armstrong - Opening weekend therapist
Barry Armstrong – Thai Massage

9:00am, 10:30am, midday

Laura Tucker - opening weekend therapist
Laura Tucker – Facialist

2:30pm, 4pm, 5:30pm

Saturday 6th November

What you will need to bring
  • yoga mat
  • meditation cushion or bolster
  • mala beads (if you have them)
  • yoga bricks
  • blanket
  • journal & pen

If you do not have some of these items email us at info@samestaryoga.com to arrange to borrow them from the studio or purchase from our retail stock.

What to expect...
  • a full day’s programme to delight, entertain and challenge you
  • accessible classes & workshops designed for all to enjoy
  • beautiful new studios with stunning rural views
  • welcoming and supportive environment
  • a community of like-minded yogis

What our students say

Janet Oliver
You asked for feedback on my experience at Same Star Yoga, so here goes: The location - Really convenient!  I'm delighted the studio is so close to my home. Design and interior 'decor' -  A beautiful, calm and relaxing space. Perfect for practising Yoga. Teachers - All the classes I've attended have been expertly led.  The teachers are very attentive to students' needs & requirements. Prices - Very reasonable.  I like the idea of the multi-class passes, which are very handy for those of us who want to try out different sessions.
Alison Goddard
Same Star Yogi
Andrew Perillo
I can't recommend this studio and the teachers Faye and Samantha at Same Star yoga enough. I am now doing my Yoga Teacher Training with them which I feel shows how highly I regard their level of tuition.
Alison Goddard
Same Star Yogi
Amanda Roper
Thank you for the class on Saturday. I haven't been to yoga for so long and I really enjoyed it. You made it really interesting too - beyond the poses.
Amanda Roper
Same Star Yogi
Amanda Roper
Thanks for a lovely class last night. I've not practiced Yin yoga before and felt really good afterwards.
Amanda Roper
Same Star Yogi
Anonymous 15
I enjoyed the yoga practice very much... it was a joy to connect with you, Samantha's knowledge is inspiring.
Same Star Yogi