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Choose the class you would like to book into - you will be given further options for recurring classes, redeeming pre-paid class passes and to book other classes on the following pages.

Weekly yoga classes

  Mondays                                  Tuesdays                                        Thursdays                                    Fridays
  18:00-19:15   Yin Yoga           19:15-20:45  Flow Yoga                09:30-10:30    Hatha Yoga      09:30-11:00   Mythical Flow
  19:30-20:30 Hatha Yoga                                                                                                                    18:00-19:00   Yin Yoga​

Weekend yoga classes

09:30-11:00  Yin Yang Balance Yoga (1st & 3rd Sundays)

Same Star Yoga class passes are available - Click on the 'View Products/Packages' link to purchase.

✰ Namaste ✰